Mining Machinery

Mining machinery, engineering machinery active place, mostly for the mountains and desert areas, such as the exploitation of the human life of the site, and sometimes even work on the ground floor of 2000 meters. Such a wide range of machinery, from mineral crushing machinery to cutting machinery, screening machinery, loading machinery, transport machinery, etc., are 24 hours a day for continuous operation of the equipment. No matter what kind of machinery in the mechanical failure, will give the production of the production site has a great impact, but also due to the recent large-scale machinery, but also to repair the work has become very difficult.

Therefore, in the use of the bearing environment, "heavy load + impact load", "light load + high speed rotation", "heavy load and low speed rotation" and so on are very harsh conditions for bearings. Therefore, the user's desire for bearings, is able to withstand the harsh conditions of the rugged, durable and high reliability of the product.